As few chemicals as possible, but as many chemicals as necessary

We are constantly developing new products and improving our existing range. In our endeavours, environmental protection is also of great importance.

For us, environmental protection is an ongoing process. As a manufacturer of high-quality cleaning and care products for professional use, we are very aware of our environmental responsibility. We have therefore focussed our attention on significantly improving the environmental impact of our product packaging, which are 100% returnable to the material flow via recycling.

With a powerful combination of active ingredients in Dr. Becher products, consumption is reduced, thereby resulting in a reduction in packaging material.

Dr. Becher detergents are over 98% chlorine- and phosphate-free. We do not use formaldehyde or APEOs, aromatic solvents or CFCs. The surfactants used are biodegradable according to OECD methodology, and partly derived from renewable raw materials.

By selecting local suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions and using energy-saving methods to achieve a positive energy footprint, we are increasingly able to do justice to resource-saving corporate management.