Cleanliness is not voluntary

... but an obligation and prerequisite for the sustained operation of an establishment and its success.

"I can't make any money with a clean kitchen, I need a good chef!"

Everyone has probably heard this statement in one form or another. Unfortunately, it is now no longer enough. Not only the food, atmosphere and service have to be right; the issue of cleanliness and hygiene is also becoming increasingly important.
Legal requirements, such as the Food Hygiene Regulations – often summed up under the term HACCP – and ever-increasing controls by the authorities are focussing the F&B industry’s attention on this issue.
Added to this are the increased demands of the clientele, fewer staff in the establishment, less time and enormous cost pressure. Professional detergents can help tackle these challenges. Higher concentrations, improved quality and performance will save you time and ultimately money.
Dr. Becher develops and produces professional cleaning, disinfectant and care products specifically for the F&B, hotel and catering industry.
With its Puravia brand, Dr. Becher GmbH offers individual hygiene concepts for kitchens which handle food in the F&B and communal catering industry.

Benefit from our decades of experience and knowledge of hygiene in your establishment.

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